White Griffon Tribe

“When Uthgar roamed the North as a mortal” the wise elder says “he came upon a cliff in the Spine of the World where he found, with some amusement, that gold and jewelry were scattered over the mountain side.
Not one to deny what could only be the will of the gods, he dismounted from his winged steed and started collecting. But before he could touch the first bauble, a weird creature descended upon him the skies screeching: a griffon, white as snow with red eyes that gleamed with intelligence.
At first the father of barbarians was aggressive to the beast, drawing his weapon and preparing to deal with this nuisance. But then he noticed that the griffon’s attack was not not meant to hurt him, but rather to warn him about touching the items scattered on the snow!
Taken by greed, as mortals are wont to do, he ignored the beasts heeds and screeches, taking the gold and jewels to himself. As soon as the sun dawns, soon came the repercussion: a mighty roar came from inside the mountain, soon followed by a white wyrm of tremendous size.
Startled by the dragon, the pegasus took flight and left the Battle Father to defend himself on foot. In that moment, the white griffon that had tried to warn Uthgar of the danger ahead of him offered itself to serve as mount in the battle and, once he had the barbarian on his back, let out a cry for all it’s family to come and join the fray.
And a bloody battle it was, for from the mountains came a tens and tens of white griffons, flying to aid with sharp beaks and fierce talons. With their help, the father of the Uthgardt was able to defeat the evil beast, but not without enormous losses for the griffon family.
So fierce was the fight that a whole section of the mountain collapsed right on top of the griffon’s nest, laying bare the dragon’s lair.
Because the griffons sacrificed so much to save him, upon going back to his followers Uthgar chose four between them to take their families to the plateau created by the battle and there remain, caring for the noble beasts that so bravely fought for his life.
That’s how our tribe came to be here, and that’s why we must always listen to the nature’s Hadrunna Vardaring in to our own greed.”

Hadrunna Vardar, matriarch of the Vardar clan.

Inhabitants of a plateau in the Spine of the World, the White Grifon Tribe is a proud, albeit small, group of Uthgardt Barbarians that makes it’s living off a more settled way than most tribes would consider worthy.
Believing that the first heads of the four clans that compose it were given by Uthgar himself the task of guarding and caring for a nest of it’s namesake beast totem on a ledge just under the plateau, the White Griffons are a very reclusive and suspicious people, although some outsiders are well received on occasion.
Since it’s creation, generations and generations ago, the tribe divides itself into 4 clans:

That are nicknamed respectively “The Spear”, “The Helm”, “The Axe”, and “The Hammer”, because of the magical items given by Uthgar to the ancestral fathers of the clans and kept in each of the clan leaders’ possession to this day.
Each clan has it’s own ancestral way of choosing it’s leader, who then rules over the clan’s daily issues, as well as in resolving arguments between clan members.
Beyond the clans, the society of the tribe is also organized in two castes, the Sjorovar, the chosen raiders of the tribe, and the Utstott, the dishonored pariahs allowed to live in the outskirts of the tribe’s lands.

The future of the tribe, as well as disagreements between members of different clans, is ruled over by a Council of Five, that is composed of the leaders of the clans and a speaker chosen by the Sjorovar from their ranks, usually the one most senior (although that is not a rule, the current speaker, Skelli Longspear, has been the raider’s representative in council since her 19th name day).

White Griffon Tribe

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